Annual Meeting

The annual Pepperwood Homeowners meeting will start at 7:00 pm on October 30th 2014 at the Lone Peak Elementary School located at 11515 High Mesa Dr., Sandy UT 84092. 


Dear HOA Member:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I ask you to seriously consider serving the HOA as a Trustee. Over the decades, our HOA has greatly benefited from the service of many talented and generous people who have been willing to serve as Trustees. Our Trustees serve as volunteers and receive no compensation or financial benefit for their service and their work is essential to maintaining and improving our common areas, which includes all our roads and infrastructure as well as our recreational amenities, and to preserving and protecting the property values of all lots.

In the past, this invitation to participate has often been included with a newsletter. However, because the work of the Trustees is so important to all HOA members, this year the Trustees decided to send this request for your participation as a separate communication to HOA members in the hopes that doing so would get the attention of more HOA members and result in more HOA members deciding to stand for election as a Trustee at our Annual Meeting to be held on October 30th, 2014. At that meeting, as at every Annual Meeting, we will be electing three members of our nine member Board of Trustees.

If you are willing to serve as a Trustee, please fill out the application on the other side of this page and deliver it to our Manager at the HOA office or you can give it to the guards at the West Gate. If you’d like your application to be printed and distributed in the Annual Meeting Notice which will be mailed to HOA members in the middle of October, you will need to deliver your application on or before October 3rd, 2014. Also, ONLY THE NAMES OF QUAILIFIED APPLICANTS WHO SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 3RD, 2014, WILL BE PRINTED ON BALLOTS. However, applications will be accepted at any time before the beginning of the Annual Meeting and qualified individuals will be allowed to run as a write in candidate.

Qualifications to serve as a Trustee and the term of a Trustee are set forth in our Bylaws.
Article V, Sections 2 & 3 of our Bylaws, in pertinent parts, read:

“Section 2: Number and Qualifications of Trustees: The Board of Trustees shall consist of nine (9) Lot Owners…Only Lot Owners of Lots in good standing of the Association and 18 years of age or older may serve as Trustees.”

Section 3: Election and Term of Office: The trustees shall be elected at each annual meeting of Lot Owners, …. A trustee’s term of office commences upon conclusion of the election at which the trustee is elected. One third of the trustees will be elected each year to serve a three year term. The election of trustees shall be by secret ballot with the results made part of the official meeting minutes and the permanent records of the Association….”

Finally, the current Trustees sincerely thank all those who have served in the past and thereby helped to make Pepperwood the great place it is.

Thank you,

Doug Haymore
Pepperwood Home Owner’s Association



For an application click icon below.